Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Weber

Senior Research Associate, retd.

Email: (at)

Michael Weber received a degree in forest science from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) and subsequently completed the traineeship and state examination for professional foresters in Bavaria. He then completed his PhD work at the University of Freiburg and began work as Professor of Forestry at the Technische Universität München. Since that time, he has conducted guest lectures and research in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, India, Egypt and Namibia. He served as Chairman of COST-WG E3.4, and coordinator of both the EU-FAIR-Concerted Action MUFOMA and the network “Europe-Forest-Latin-America (EUFORLA)“ within the EU-ALFA II program.  He is the principal lead author of the 2nd Assessment Report of the IPCC.

Main research interests:
Rehabilitation of degraded land in the tropics, agroforestry, abiotic forest protection,  forest management and climate change

Research projects:

  • Exploration and consolidation of silvicultural knowledge for sustainable management of forest sites in the south Ecuadorian Andes (DFG FOR816)
  • Enriching plantation forests with understory crops as a method to facilitate reforestation activities in Panama

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