Prof. Dr. Dr. Reinhard Mosandl takes retirement at the end of October.
Knoke, Thomas, Prof. Dr.Acting Director
Aramayo Schenk, VioletaAssistant +49.8161.71.4690 Email
Research staff
Felbermeier, Bernd, Dr.Member of research staff+49.8161.71.4689Email
Kienlein, SebastianMember of research staff+49.8161.71.4692Email
Stimm, Bernd, Dr. Academic Director, Advisor,
ECTS Representative
DAAD Guest Professorship
Onyekwelu, Jonathan,
Prof. Dr.
Technical staff
Theobald, ManuelaTechnical staff+49.8161.71.4864Email
Ph.D. students
Cabrera, OmarPh.D. studentExternEmail
Cueva, JorgePh.D. studentExternEmail
Dechamps, ClaudiaPh.D. studentExternEmail
Huber, GerhardPh.D. studentExternEmail
Kübler, DanielPh.D. studentExternEmail
Manchego Chávez, CarlosPh.D. studentExternEmail
Mora Castillo, JulioPh.D. studentExternEmail
Muñoz, JohanaPh.D. studentExternEmail
Nenninger, AndreasPh.D. studentExternEmail
Quiroz, CarlosPh.D. studentExternEmail
Seitz, MaximilianPh.D. studentExternEmail
Veintimilla Ramos, DarioPh.D. studentExternEmail
Zhang, HaifengPh.D. studentExternEmail
Former staff members
Mosandl, Prof. Dr. Dr.
Professor emeritusEmail
Weber, Michael, Prof. Dr. Dr.
Academic Director, retd.Email
Abt, Alexander, Dr. Former staff member
Bork, JustusFormer staff member
Calvas, BaltazarFormer staff member
El Kateb, HanyFormer staff memberEmail
Hildebrandt, Patrick, Dr.Former staff memberEmail
Höllerl, Sebastian, FOR, Dr.Former staff memberEmail
Paul, Carola, Prof. Dr.Professorship of Forest Economics and Sustainable Land-use Planning, GöttingenEmail
Palomeque, Ximena, Dr.Former staff memberEmail
Schäff, ThomasFormer staff memberEmail
Summa, Jörg, Dr.Former staff member
Wang, Xiaolan, Dr.Former staff member