Dr. Bernd Stimm

Senior Research Associate, Student Advisor, ECTS-Representative

Tel:      +49.8161.71.4693
Fax:     +49.8161.71.4616
Email:  stimm (at) mytum.de

Bernd Stimm received his first diploma in forest science in 1981 from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), where he remained to complete his PhD in 1985. While pursuing his many research interests, he held positions at the LMU in both the Institute of Forest Botany and the Institute for Forest Tree Breeding and Emissions Research before joining the Institute of Silviculture in 1992. He has also served as a guest professor at universities in Ecuador, Laos, Malaysia and Nigeria.

Main research interests:
Silviculture, reproductive biology of trees, woody plant propagation, seed ecology, forest restoration

Research projects:

  • DFG-Project " Silvicultural contributions to the maintenance and rehabilitation of utilization potentials of forest resources in the tropical mountain rainforest region of southern Ecuador" in the DFG Group 816 "Biodiversity and Sustainable Management of a Megadiverse Mountain Ecosystem in South Ecuador"
  • "Evaluation of regional tree seed supply with native forest species" in the DFG-Project "Technology transfer in south Ecuador: Facilitation of biodiversity in montane ecosystems by large-scale conversion of monocultures into mixed forests"

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  • Basics of silviculture
  • Plantation forestry
  • Management of forest reproductive material